X-TRAINING is the principle philosophy at our facility in Coconut Grove . XTRAIN is our most basic training tool, yet at the heart of everything we strive for at Elite U. It is an ever adapting, constantly varied workout regimen designed to throw your body into the fires of change, and forge a new and better you.

Although physically demanding, the workouts are always fun and challenging. They are also scaled for each person’s current level of fitness; so no one is ever left out! Unlike other CrossFit establishments and Bootcamp classes, this is not a competition with anyone but yourself.


The concept of high intensity interval training and cross training programs is nothing new; what we have done with X-TRAIN is combine a new format of bringing functional and unconventional exercises together in mixed and rewarding process.

X-TRAIN is not designed to be an easy fix. It will demand the very most of you. It will inspire you, and you will learn to inspire yourself and others. Going through the process will change you at an elemental level, not only physically, but mentally as well. Obstacles will be conquered here, to the point where obstacles become nothing more than challenges to be taken down.