X-Training Program

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X-Train is forced physiological adaptation. It is a method of using functional and unconventional dynamic exercise movements designed to create a higher level of athleticism and fitness. Do to the combination of full body movements at high levels of intensity, varying in scope; we are able to create forced adaptations within the human body that result in measurable increase of lean muscle mass, decreases in body fat, improvements in cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and gains in physical ability. By physical ability, we refer to our definition of athleticism; these are a combination of strength, coordination, balance, speed, and power. On the physiological side, each X-Train regimen is designed to produce acute and sustained adaptations to the neuroendocrine system; and increase the body’s metabolic rate. To look and feel like an athlete, one must train like one. X-Training is designed to whip the very best of competitive athletes into shape. Imagine what it can do for you… It is literally the revolution of the fitness world.

Other similar disciplines, such as Crossfit, Bootcamp, and H.I.I.T. Have made great strides in producing wonderful results and certain adaptive capabilities to their participants. They are however, usually limited in either, scope, sustainability, or coaching methods. Of all these, we believe crossfit to be the most comparable to our approach on a fitness program. Both truly utilize high intensity intervals to their maximum potential, and use functional full body movements, which is a key to unlocking increases to growth hormone and testosterone levels. There are some basic differences in our approach to athleticism. This is where we believe our results gain an edge. Like we tell our athletes; this is not crossfit, you will be doing a lot of crossfit workouts within our programs, but you will also be doing many other athletic workouts within our program. Within any one workout you will perform olympic lifts and their derivatives, power lifts, sprints, shuttle runs, jumps, hurdles, lateral hops and movements, tire flips, rope climbs, strongman exercises, kettlebell movements, gymnastics, throws, sledgehammer swings, track and field events, speed ladders, wall climbing, and countless other movements and exercises. Most all will be in some sort of interval or circuit format, and the intensity will not abate.

X-Train classes are available Monday through Saturday, and we offer various times of the day for each individual’s convenience. Classes are limited to 20 per class to add great individual attention to each client. The workouts are ever changing and evolving, adding to the physiological results. Our coaches are not only great motivators, but experts in corrective body movements, and proper technique or form is our number one concern. With the X-Train program, you are not only getting the revolution to fitness; you are also getting individual private training. What you pay for one month of X-Train at Elite U, can cost you that much for one session with a private trainer.. Clearly, the value has no equal.

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